Saturday, September 4, 2010

NOTD: Polka Dots!

Here is my nail of the day featuring my new Sally Hansen nail art pen as promised. It's nothing outrageous, i don't know if I'm that talented at nail art! I think I will need a bit of practice to progress from polka dots.

I used Revlon Lilac Pastelle as the base - which is a great colour. I have been in the hunt for a nice pinky purple and i think i have found it. It applied really nicely too. I don't have much experience with Revlon nail polishes so I will be interested to try Peach Petal to see if it is as great.

I used my new Sally Hansen nail art pen in black for the dots. I'm liking this pen, it's super easy to use and the possibilities are endless. I think i'll have to get one in white too. 

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend :)


  1. Your nails look so cute! I love that lilac colour too xxx

  2. Ooooo I love it! I would say you have serious skill in the way of nail art! What a cute color combo, I need to pick up one of these pens!

  3. ooo love that lilac!! polka dots are sooo cute! :) xx

  4. They look so cute :) Reminds me of the topshop makeup packaging x

  5. Soo gorgeous and lilac looks so adorable!!!