Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tutorial: Neutral leopard print

Here is my latest NOTD. Having to keep it tame for work so I like to think of it as subtle leopard print.  It's so simple to do yet I got lots of compliments so I thought I may as well do a step by step guide despite the fact that you have probably seen it 1000+ times before :)  Trust me, anyone can do this!

All you need is three things. A base colour, a nail art pen (or fine paintbrush and top colour) and a clear top coat. I used Essie's Chinchilly as my base coat which is a lovely greige! For the leopard pattern i whipped out my trusty Sally Hansen nail art pen in black (don't know what I would do without it)I finished it all off with my favourite Chanel top coat. Viola.

All you do is apply the base coat and wait for it to dry. On top of that draw leopard spots (or attempt to like me) I embraced the messy spots! Apply the clear top coat and you are done.

Rawr!  Told you it was easy!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday :)

(Also I have a GREAT tutorial heading your direction so watch out)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dasio Haul

Hello gorgeous readers, 

Sorry for the blogging gap. I seem to have been overwhelmed lately that combined with issues logging into my account mean I have been MIA BUT I am now back and ready to rock & roll. Lots of exciting posts to come. Thanks for sticking around :)

I very excitedly went the the new Daiso store the other week. If you're not familiar with Daiso they are a Japanese chain all around the wall with thousands of products all for $2.80. Yes that's right everything is $2.80! I was like a kid in a candy shop just throwing everything into my basket. I was actually quite tame and could have bought so much more. If you live near one I would definitely suggest you check it out. It was good fun. I managed to fill up my basket with plenty of goodies as you can see below. Everything came to a grand total of $47.60 which considering how much I got is a bargain. I left with a massive bag, it felt like Christmas!

Liquid eyeliner, Eyelash curler, Black mascara

Eyebrow coat, Fibre eyebrows, Make-up corrector 

False eyelashes! 

Blotting paper, Charcoal face mask, Face washing brush 

Collagen mask, Face masks, Eye, masks 

Head towel, Keyring lipgloss

So far I have only used a few things but can't wait to try the rest. I really like the liquid eyeliner. It has a thin brush and probably wouldn't be the best for a novice but it does last really well and I can get a perfect flick. The eyelash curler also rocks! Shall keep you posted. 

Have you had the Daiso experience?