Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mini Giveaway winner

Hey there everyone, 

So finally here is the winner of my mini giveaway. Sorry it's later than I said I have been so busy. I have finished all my university assignments so hopefully I can graduate in December, I have moved out of the place I was living at and I have been planning a trip to Thailand which is only 7 days away, yay!

I decided to go the old fashioned route and draw them out by hand. It took so much longer than I thought, not that I minded because I'm on holidays! I did take snaps of me drawing out the winner but my camera is not cooperating so this post is photoless :(

Anyway onto the winner . . . 

Congratulations Coco!

I have sent you an email so hope to hear from you soon
Thanks everyone who entered, you're all so sweet. I'm sorry you all couldn't win, maybe if I win the lotto everyone can get a prize (fingers crossed haha)

Real posts coming soon