Friday, March 2, 2012

What's in my bag

Hey girlies,

I can't help but wonder what people carry around in their handbags. Peeking inside someone's handbag offers so much about the owners personality and style. So here is a sticky beak inside of my handbag.

I have my handbags on high rotation but this happens to be that one I have been making use of the past few days. The bag is inspired by the McQueen bag. It's the perfect day bag which has all the pockets and contraptions to keep all my mumbo jumbo in order.

The contents of my bag varies from day to day but these are the staples. My daily must haves are:
iPhone & earphones
 Snake Print notebook - I am a massive list maker
Lispstick pen
Becca Beach tint in Watermelon - amazing multipurpose product, love it!
Georgio Armani Diamonds Perfume
Watch - I don't often wear a watch but for some reason I often have one floating around in my bag
Lucas' Paw Paw
Carmex - because dry lips suck!
and keys complete with my delightfully tacky fur keyring!

And that's it! Pretty standard, what are the staples in your handbag?

Imogen x