Friday, September 3, 2010

Love love love - Mac Stereo Rose

This bad boy arrived in the mail last week woo hoo!

I was the very lucky winner Pretty as Peaches 125 subscribers giveaway. I know there has been crazy amounts of hype around Stereo Rose and I have to say (reluctantly) I totally get it now. I say reluctantly because of the fact that it is limited edition.

I saw heaps of pictures of it in the past and thought it was pretty but I was not overly keen on running out and buying it mainly because I thought it would be a bit dark for my NW20ish complexion. However after seeing it in person this is really a stand out MSF.

It is absolutely gorgeous. It gives me a beautiful corally warm flush. I use it as a blush and it brightens up my face giving me a great glow. It's unlike any other blush I own with its unique shimmery, peachy, corally, bronzey, rose gold colour.

It has a great consistency - well pigmented, not too shimmery, no chunky glitter and is really finely milled.

As I said I was a tad scared as first seeing it and after seeing how pigmented it was when I swatched it on my hand. I was worried that there was no way I could get it to work for me but luckily I was completely wrong.

You can sort of see in the swatches just how pigmented it is but if i apply it lightly, like the bottom swatch, it looks great. As stupid as it sounds when I first put it on I kept glancing at my reflection to admire my cheeks!

I want to say a huge thank you to Lindsay for having such a great giveaway and making me very happy by giving me this little gem!

I see it is going on ebay for crazy amounts, one was US$119. So with that in mind is there any blush that you splurge on if it became hard to get?


  1. You're lucky I never managed to buy this, as it was sold out in the UK so fast. I looks a beautiful colour on you :)
    Angela xoxo

  2. I'm also NW20 and I find that, so long as I use a light hand, it's gorgeous!! I think it pairs really nicely with Expensive Pink e/s. Congrats!

  3. @jollybeachang - Yeah i can't believe how fast this sold out! It's a shame you missed out but there are so many other gorgeous blushes out there.

    @Katie - Yeah you defintiely with a light hand :) I don't own expensive pink so i'll have to check it out, thanks!

  4. You lucky ducky!!!Enjoy your winning prize hun!!It looks fab!

  5. I love this color too! It is gorgeoussss!