Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Battle of the Corals

While reorganising my makeup the other day I discovered I have a growing collection of coral blushes. Coral toned blushes are definitely my favourite (obviously!) I just love the flushed natural glow they give.  

So without further ado here are my favs; 

Here are descriptions they give on their websites; 

Mac Stereo Rose - Coral with golden/bronze shimmering nuances

Benefit Coralista - A warm coral cheek powder for a 'tropical flush'

Mac Dainty - Light yellow pink with gold pearl 

Nars Orgasm - Peachy pink with shimmer

 Without Flash: Left to right - Mac Stereo Rose, Benefit Coralista, Mac Dainty, Nars Orgasm

 With flash left to right - Mac Stereo Rose, Mac Dainty, Benefit Coralista, Nars Orgasm  

Ok onto my thoughts;  

Stereo Rose is the bronziest of the 4, I only did a post recently raving about it. It has a bit of  rosey tone to it (hence the name!) and is probably the least corally out of the four. It makes me look really fresh and like lots of the good Mac mineralize skinfinishes gives a beautiful sheen to the skin. 

Coralista is a beautiful peachy coral. It's quite sheer but can be built up to add a bright pop to the cheek. It's great for my NW20ish skin and it smells really good too! I think this will be my summer stable blush.

 Dainty is the pinkest of the 4 and has a noticeable shimmer in it which you can sort of see in the photo with the flash, but it's not an over the top shimmer. It is quite a pigmented blush too so I have to be careful not to overdo it on my NW20ish skin.

And lucky last is the famous Nars orgasm. You all know about it. It's a great shimmery coral peach blush which looks great on most skin tones. It has a gold shimmer in it which some days I love and other days I'm no so keen on - depends on the day. I'm sure you've heard it all before but I have to agree that it is a great coral pinky blush.

Left to right - Mac Stereo Rose, Benefit Coralista, Mac Dainty, Nars Orgasm 

And the winner is... 

Ugh please don't make me choose between may choose, it's too hard!

They are all gorgeous good quality blushes and as you can see from the swatch above they are all super similar. If I could only have one of these I think I would go with Coralista. It's a tough choice though.

You might think I would have satisfied my coral blush love but I still do have my eye on a few other corally colours. You can never have enough right!?

What is your fav coral blush?


  1. I would definitely agree that Stereo Rose is the bronziest / warmest of the bunch. I'm also a big fan of coral blushes. I used to be afraid of them, thinking that they were too warm for my super fair / cool skin tone but they're actually very complimentary. Love them! Actually... I just really love blush in general haha

  2. Ooh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks Coralista smells nice!
    You've picked 3 of my faves here, never tried Dainty before :)

  3. Dainty is my No.1 blush atm! love my orgasm too so wish I had Stereo Rose :( becky xo

  4. Thanks for the post!!!You made me want more blushes!!!Hugs

  5. I love a good coral, my favourite is MAC Instant Chic, that came out with the Pret a Papier collection. x

  6. I think coralisa is gorgeous! I've been meaning to buy it for so long but grrr @ benefits expensive aussie price!
    my fave coral blush is probably this one I bought from sportsgirl, 'bright young thing'... its soo pretty. kinda reminds me of nars super orgasm :)

  7. @Katie - I'm a blush junkie too, they are just all so pretty!

    @Vicky - I've never really noticed blush smelling apart from this one, it's nice!

    @beckiangel44 - Dainty is beautiful isn't it, i've been alternating between that and coralista

    @Blushingloves - there's always room for more blush :P

    @miss_ellie_uk - I never got around to checking that one out. It looked gorgeous in swatches online, i might have to see if I can hunt one down..

    @Krissy - I know, I hate it too! I was actually looking at the Sportsgirl blushes & lipglosses the othet day. I was a bit unsure if they would be any good but I might have to go pick one up :)

  8. You can never have too many corals!! I looove coral! I want Coralista... but yeah.. sooo expensive here :( I do love MACS Stereo Rose and Dainty tho!! xx

  9. Thanks for following me love! I would have to say my fav is Corlista!