Saturday, September 11, 2010

NOTD: Glitter

Yes another nail related post!

I seriously love painting my nails at the moment, I have been doing it about 5 times a week!

Sorry for the bad piccies my camera is still missing. Anyway here is what I'm currently wearing

As you can see I did a 'Lorraine' and painted one finger with glitter polish.

I used Maybelline Mini Colorama in bubblegum as the main colour. I have used this colour before & wasn't so keen on the quality and sheerness but this time for some reason it worked for me!

I used this super cheap Ulta3 glitter polish in Confetti. It's pretty rubbish and I ended up doing another coat after I took the snaps. I quite like the colours in it but I had to put so many layers on to get a decent amount of glitter, lucky it only cost $2. 

I have since purchased a few more glitter polishes. I completely blame LorraineStanick for this new obsession. I used to not be a fan of glitter polish and I have to say it took me a while to come around  but now i kind of like it, especially when it's only on one finger.

Have you done a 'Lorraine'?



  1. Haha I don't, but that's some great nailposlih


  2. such a fun nail. ive seen a lot of glitter polishes out lately. this has inspired me to try one.

  3. this looks lovely!

  4. How girly!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Lol! I find the expression to "make a Lorraine" really funny! I must admit I am now quite a good fun of glitter nails,

  6. this is super cute! I love the one glittery nail look ^_^