Saturday, August 28, 2010

DIY: Ombre Nails

Hey pretty ladies :)

I saw this video on the Seventeen magazine website for ombre nails and knew i had to give it a go. 

I can imagine it's a bit hit and miss for some people but I love the look, i think it's fun and I'm liking the ombre trend. So with that said here is my finished version..

This was my first attempt and I could definitely do with some practice! Overall I'm happy though and will probably try it again sometime. There is more variation between the nails than it appears in the photos but I think if i did it again I would probably try to make the nails a bit more different in terms of their shades as there isn't a lot of differences between some of my fingers especially my pinky and ring finger. Oh well lesson learnt.

It was a fairly simple process and here's what I used to get my purple shades.

Orly Bonder, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, Ulta3 Lily White (which is just a plain white) and Orly Won't Chip. I also used a paper plate, a few toothpicks and a clean nail polish brush. 

Overall the process was relatively easy. Here's what i did;
I started by applying a base coat, i used Orly Bonder
I then started with a coat of plain Lincoln Park After Dark and applied it to my pinky nail
Next I added a drop of white to Lincoln Park After Dark and mixed it with a toothpick on a paper plate and painted my ring finger
I kept adding a bit more white for every new nail until all my fingers were done
  I finished off my applying a clear top cop and you're done!

I think Lincoln Park After Dark worked out to be a really good colour to use as it's a dark colour but has a lot of purple in it - i didn't realise how purpley it was until this. Obviously you can you whatever dark shade you like, i think i dark maroon and blue would be great too.

What do you think lovely ladies, love it or leave it?


  1. Oh wow, i love it!
    Think i might give it a try myself :-)

  2. Oooh, i absolutely love this! I'll have to try it :) xoxo

  3. Ohh I think you did a really good job, they look cute! x

  4. Ooh this is so interesting, love it! Think I'll have to give it a go sometime :) xoxo

  5. Thanks girls - let me know if you try it. I would LOVE to see :)

  6. Definitely will have to try this! Love it. :) x