Friday, August 27, 2010

Thankyou Marie Claire!

This is just a really quick post for all the Australian readers out there. If you don't already know Marie Claire  are giving away an Estee Lauder Pure Color lipgloss with the September issue. I think it's part of their 15th birthday edition. I got mine a little while ago but the issue is still on the shelves so if you want one you better hurry before the October issue hits the shelves. 

The magazine is AUD$9.20and the gloss retails for AUD$42 - what a great freebie.

The lipgloss is Pure Colour in number 11 Passion Fruit Shimmer and it's really gorgeous. It's a great coral red shade with a nice fruity smell. I don't really have any other glosses in this shade so I'm very happy :)

 Excuse the other mark on my hand, it's a lipstain that will not come off!

So if you haven't already run out and grab one!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day 


  1. I so wish we got cool freebies like this in the US, but our mags here are stingey I guess :) that is a beautiful color!

  2. wow what a great freebie!:),us brit beauty junkies got benefit pencils two months back!haha:)xx

  3. @ ellamarie84 - This is one ofthe first decent freebies i have seen with a mag in Ausm, wish i snapped up more now.

    @Irene - i kept reading about that on people's blogs, very jealous!!