Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Celebs!

Now that uni is back I find myself spending the majority of the time procrastinating on the internet. I thought I'd share this this website which i stumbled across a while ago... 

Before you wonder why I'm suggesting you check it out, it actually has lots of piccies of celebs in amazing high quality which means you can zoom right in (glad it's them & not me!) and get a really clear look at their makeup! The site does have a lot of pictures that aren't so great for makeup but there are heaps of pics and people to search through.

To show you what I mean here are some pictures I have pinched from the site, click on them to see the fabulous quality. 

So for all those beauty obsessed it's a fantastic site for looking at gorgeous makeup, getting inspiration  and wasting lots of time



  1. ooo that is awesome! thanks for sharing that!! xx

  2. Thanks for the info! will defo be checking it out!
    Your blog is great too, consider me a follower :)

    feel free to follow me to if u like