Monday, August 16, 2010

The Second Story

Benefit's Crescent Row second story trio that is. They are the 3 very cute new additions to Benefit's perfume range. The fragrances came out last week and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one at the blogger event a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since.

The 3 new additions are; 
Garden of Good & Eva
Lookin' to Rock Rita
So Hooked on Carmella

In usual benefit style they come in very cute packaging each with their own quirky little box. They had the perfumes set up at the blogger event in a cute little stand which was very charming as you can see below.

Photo from Maxted Thomas PR

Blogging about perfume is a funny sort of thing which is actually really hard and I am hopeless at describing scents but will do the best I can! Its top notes are rhubarb, lemon and grapefruit with cyclamen, peony and tiare flower middle notes and vanilla, sandalwood and amber bottom notes. So it's a florally vanillery smell which is sweet but balanced out nicely so it's not over the top. 

The thing that caught my attention (or should i say nose) about Carmella was the fact that it had rhubarb in it. I love rhubarb and love the idea. The scent is really quite unusual and unlike anything i have smelt before. A friend said it reminded her of creaming soda and I can totally see what she means. 

Photo from google images

I think this scent is unusual and quite different from other perfumes. I can imagine that it would not be for everyone. I'm not sure if I would buy this perfume again but I am liking it at the moment and will be checking out the others, particularly Lookin' to Rock Rita. I think Carmella needs a next door neighbour!

Obviously you're not going to race out and buy one based on my lousy description but I would recommend you go take a sniff, if nothing else you get to have a peek at the cute display and packaging! 



  1. They always have the cutest displays. This one is no exception

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  2. I like Carmella too!:D
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  3. oh my gosh i have never owned a benefit perfume but the packaging alone makes me think i need it now!!

  4. ohhh wow, I didn't know benefit had perfume =/ lol I must have been blind. Looks so precious as they always do. Wish I had more moolah!