Monday, March 15, 2010


A few weeks ago I purchased a few things from When the package arrived they had included this nail polish as a free gift. This is the first time I used it & so far I am really impressed. It applied so easily & smoothly & dried really quickly so no smudges! 3 days on I am yet to get any chipping which is really good for me!

The colour is a light blue called Spring Shower & I quite like it. I was looking for a light blue polish before I got this one so they must have read my mind. In the picture I only have on one coat & didn’t need to apply a second.

I did a little research on the brand Ulta3 as had never heard of them before & was so impressed with this polish. They are an Australian brand & the nail polishes cost only $2 each. They seem to come in a wide variety of colours – fluoros, chromes, metallics, pastels, you name it. I will definitely be hunting down some more of these. For $2 a pop I can’t complain!

More Ulta3 nail polishes without a doubt coming soon :)


  1. thats a gorgeous colour!!

  2. What a pretty colour! You get it for free?!? I envy you! ;D