Sunday, March 14, 2010

Current Five Favourite Blushes

These are my current five favourite blushes. They are likely to change soon as I have my eye on a few, but at the moment these are the ones I am loving!

Here they are; 

  • MAC Pink Swoon: A favourite of many, the trusty Pink Swoon. A gorgeous light pink with no shimmer. It goes on smoothly, blends well & looks good with any makeup look. Pale or sunkissed (which is rare occurance for me!) this blush will suit my skin whichever.

  • MAC Peaches: It took me so long to get my hands on this blush, it was sold out online in at four different MAC counters. I’m glad I finally tracked it down. I loved the idea of true peach, but wasn't sure if it would work on my complexion... I'm so glad it does! One coat gives my cheeks a soft glow, it is buildable so if I want it to show up more I can layer it. 

  • MAC Tenderling: I originally bought this online for contouring but when it arrived I found it to be lighter than I thought. Luckily it has turned into one of my favourite blushes. In the pan it looks quite plain & boring (& the photo doesn’t help) but once applied it adds a nice colour to my face. It’s a great everyday blush & I find myself reaching for it when I’m in a hurry or can’t be bothered to find anything else. Being a sheertone formula it has no shimmer or glitter which I like for uni.

  • NARS Orgasm: This is probably my most worn blush (along with ALOT of other people!) But it really is great. I’m sure you have all heard it before but it’s a beautiful pinky coral with shimmer that brightens my face. Often I don’t feel like wearing pinks & when that is the case corals are perfect. 
  • Revlon Matte Powder Blush Perfectly Peach: This is a fairly new purchase. Being back at uni I am watching my pennies again & I managed to get this on special. The colour of the blush is really pretty. I love the peachy pink colour. It is quite a natural everyday blush that doesn’t have any shimmer (that probably went without saying considering the name!) which i like for uni. It is quite light so i don’t think it would be great for those who don't have lighter skin tones. 

Here is a swatch of all of them (in the same order) except Revlon perfectly peach, I ran out of fingers! If anyone would like a swatch of it just let me know.

What blushes are you currently loving?


  1. I don't own one mac blush, can you believe it? :) You're really making me want pink swoon though, it looks gorgeous, the swatch is beautiful! I want to check out tenderling, too!

    I am currently loving TheBalm Hot Mama blush. It's verrry similar to NARS orgasm actually :)

    Great post! You've given me lots of ideas!

  2. this is a fab post and i'm happy you did this because i've been looking at the revlon blushes but haven't gotten the nerve to buy one, i think after your review I just might! Also, I've been looking for a plain and boring blush for awhile (lol)! MAC Tenderling looks really pretty!

  3. You've got me lemming for MAC peaches! I've just recently become really obsessed with blushes, and haven't got very many of them so this post was very helpful! xo

  4. I looove Stila convertible colour in Peony atm, its my fave blush and its a cream blush which gives a nice glow. However I wore it out last night and in all the photos my face is soooo shiny :( lol looks like I'll go for powder blush next time.

    Btw, about the Maybelline lipsticks, if youre gonna buy one, go to Target cos theyre on special for $12 atm lol, cheaper than anywhere else I've seen them.

  5. @ellamarie84 - If you couldn't tell i'm a fan of MAC blushes :P I bought a blush palette so i have a good excuse to but more now!
    I will have to check it out, a cheap orgasm dupe would be amazing.

    @kate:) - So far i'm really happy with the revlon blush, you should do it!!

    @Caitlin - Peaches is great, glad i could help :)

    @Krissy - Don't you hate that! I am on the hunt for a great cream blush at the moment, yet to find one. I will definitely be heading to target, thanks for the tip :)

  6. Thanks so much for your comment, the eyelashes are wicked, so of course I replied "Yes, they are natural, you should see my pubes!"
    I'd say it was called for.
    I'll have to try out a couple of those blushes - that is one area of my makeup collection that is severely lacking.
    Hope you have a great week.