Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ins and Outs


  • The current cold snap. Autumn has only just begun in Australia yet today is freezing. I'm not ready for winter yet :(

  • Being back at uni. I really enjoy my course but looking at all the assessments I have due over the session is depressing. Goodbye social life.

  • My skin. It has been so oily lately and I have no idea why. It’s super frustrating. So I have decided to start a whole new skincare regime, fingers crossed that I can banish the shine!

  • My car sounding sick. I took it to the mechanic today so hopefully it’s nothing major. I don't want to fork out a small fortune on it when I have much better things to spend my money on (hello makeup!). 

On a more positive note the Ins

  • Dark chocolate. I have been loving dark chocolate lately, maybe even a little too much. Hmmm perhaps I should start exercising.

  • Winning trivia. Well we didn’t win overall but we won a challenge. Hoorah for a slab of beer and a meat tray. The question was how many stars in the Paramount logo. We guessed 18 and the other team guessed 17. The answer was 22 ohhh yeah.

  • Finding a stockist of Barry M in Australia. This is not that exciting for those in the UK but living in Australia I am over the moon. I found out that Glover Pharmacy on Pitt St in Sydney is now selling Barry M. Finally i can join in on the Barry M action! I have not been there yet but am going to hit it when I have more money. I am so excited. I would love to hear suggestions as to what I should keep an eye out for..


  1. Oh we have winter here since 5 months. Its so cold, and I hardly wish there would be spring soon!

    How cold is it on autumn in Australia?


  2. I have been loving dark chocolate lately too! I am on a diet and even my nutritionist recommends dark chocolate in moderation because it is good for you. She says one small piece a day is fine. Some days perhaps it is larger than one small piece for me though..haha!

  3. @ Susi - I bet you are looking forward to the warm weather. Where i live it is usually about 15 degrees celcius. I'm definitely not looking forward to winter!

    @Logan - That is what i like to hear! i won't feel quite as guilty now.