Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lips lips lips!

I have had this picture on my computer for ages and felt inspired tonight. This look was on the catwalk mid last year and I’ve been itching to try it ever since. The look for the Emanuel Engaro show and I think it’s cute.

This is my version of two toned lips. I highly doubt I would ever wear this look out in public but it was fun to try. The maintenance alone would be too much to handle if I went out, even when I was mucking around at home the colours kept mixing together which would be so frustrating to keep touching up!

So what does everyone think about two-toned lips. Do you even like them? Would you ever wear them out in public? I would love to hear your opinions!


  1. I really like those!! If I ever heard about them without seeing them I'd probably think that they would look silly, but actually, they look really cool and pretty:) I probably wouldn't wear these out during the day, but maybe to a party :O

  2. There's something quirky about them. I doubt I'd ever wear it, mainly because I don't wear lip products (other than vaseline and karmex) as my lips are in awful condition! However, I think, if it didn't smudge, this look would look great in spring/autumn. Choose your colours wisely though!!

  3. origineel die lippen!

    Ik volg je, het zou leuk zijn als je bij mij ook kwam kijken/volgen.


  4. I think the two toned lip look is quite cute, but I'd never wear it in public! Also, I rub my lips together alot and that would probably make my colors mix together xo

  5. Wow, it so cute! I like your version better, please let us know what lipsticks/lipglosses you used :) I wouldn't dare wear it during the day but I really like the idea :) xoxo

  6. I like it, but you're totally right; I wouldn't take me the time to correct it all the time!

    Sweet blog, I like it. Just become a fan.

    Please check out mine as well, if you like too!

  7. I gave u an award girl! ;)

  8. Oh this is so cool, might have to try next time I go out! xoxo

  9. this is a GREAT idea!
    how pretty - I bet if you could find
    longlasting lip color, it would be perfect.
    you should try it for like a night out or
    something. I just might, very cool

  10. @kate - yeah i can't imagine wearing during the day, would be cute for a party with a plain outfit. Thank you for the award!

    @Sanny - I have really bad lips too at the moment, it sucks not being able to wear pretty lipsticks!

    @LiveLifeGlamorous- I'm following you too :)

    @Caitlin - I rub my lips together too, probably not the best look for us!

    @Lipstick on the cup - Whoops how could i forget to say what i used! On the top lip i have Revlon Living Lipstick in Hot Coral and on the bottom lip i have the Revlon Living Lipstick in Orchid Beach.

    @Signe Engdal - You have a great blog, I'm following you too :)

    @Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! - Post pics if you do, i would love to see!

    @Ashley - yeah these lipsticks are not that long lasting but with others it could work. Post pics if you try it!

  11. What a great idea! i'm really loving this look. I'd totally wear it to a party but defo not a daytime look.