Monday, May 23, 2011

Product Rave: Lush Buffy

This is a massive product rave for the one and only Lush Buffy Body Butter!

Buffy is a square body butter bar that is a mean exfoliater and moisturiser all in one. The bar is made of cocoa and shea butters, lavender and lemon oils along with rice, aduki beans and ground almonds which are the exfoliating pieces (and boy do they pack a punch)

I have incredibly dry and sensitive skin which is horrible in winter and this is one of the few non-prescriptive products that has been able to keep my skin in tip top shape. This is a definite winter staple. I just run it over my body in the shower, wash it off a little and pat dry, it leaves my skin feeling amazing –soft, smooth and hydrated.  

It does leave the skin feeling a tad greasy but no more than lotions or moisturisers and I find that it absorbs into the skin with ease and unlike some of the moisture provided by lotions this actually keeps the moisture in my skin. I’m sure most people don’t wouldn't use a moisturiser afterwards because it does leave a layer on the skin but I still often team it with my Dream Cream as my skin is incredibly dry.

This product is not for the weak! The exfoliating particles in Buffy are quite abrasive so keep in mind that this is a scrub and its aim is to scrub away the dead skin! Also use the product in the worst of the dry skin areas and steer clear of the more sensitive areas like your chest and tummy if you are not an exfoliater junkie. Having said that I have super sensitive skin and have no trouble with abrasion but I wouldn’t and don’t use this product on a daily basis.

One of the tricks to using this product is knowing how not to let this sucker melt away in the shower.  I suppose the cocoa and shea butter don’t last long when they are exposed to the warm water so be careful not to hold in the stream on the shower for too long or leave in a wet place. It probably lasts about 5 to 8 full body exfoliations so it is a bit exxy if you let this guy melt away. I was convinced into buying the container for it to go in which is $4.95 but I would say it was a worthwhile investment and makes me get my monies worth from Buffy.

No flaky, itchy, dry winter skin for me. Oh Buffy, I love you.



  1. I absolutely LOVE buffy. which made me remember that i need to use mine up asap :) have you tried you snap the whip? it's just as good and smells amazing! i have a review lurking somewhere on my blog :) x

  2. this looks like exactly what I need! thank you for the review xo

  3. this is one of my fave lush products ever. i really love the shea butter it leaves behind on my skin, makes exfoliating & moisturising a whole lot easier xx

  4. Heard a lot of good things about Buffy! Maybe I should get it (:

  5. I love this product!:D

    ***** Marie *****