Monday, May 30, 2011

May Lovin'

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Hey hey, 

It's the end of May which means 2 things, it's my mum's birthday and it's time for a favourites post! So here are the things that have been floating my boat over the past month or so; 

  We have -  
Lush Dream Cream,
Orly Cuticle Oil
Revlon Matte lipstick in Pink Pout
Mac Nylon eyeshadow
♥ Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner
Mac Well Dressed blush 

Lush Dream Cream - First up we have Lush Dream Cream. I bought this stuff after hearing numerous rave reviews and I would now have to agree with them. I have terribly dry skin and with the cold weather taking over I thought this would be a great product to have. It's a great moisturiser that leaves my skin soft and smooth. I lather it on after my shower and find it really calms my skin, especially after shaving my legs. It's not too sticky or thick but still has enough oomph to get the job done. This will be a definite repurchase.

Orly Cuticle Oil - Bought this stuff on a whim when my cuticles were going though a shocking stage and it has worked pretty well. I have been applying it the evening and it leaves my cuticles softer and moisturised.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout  - I have had this lipstick for ages but only recently rediscovered it. I have been going through a bit of a light pink phase with my makeup and this has been getting quite a bit of use. I like that it's not way too pale yet not too bright. It's sort of a lilac toned pink. Looks great by itself or with a gloss!

Mac Well Dressed blush - I did a whole post dedicated to this blush a while back (check it out here if you're interested) and I am still loving it. As I said I am going through a light pink makeup phase and this is perfect. Gives my cheeks a great pop of colour and glow.

Mac Nylon eyeshadow - As you can see by the picture this shadow has been through the wars, it just shows how much I love it! The most perfect inner corner colour I have come across. It is a beautiful shimmery white/gold toned highlighter which instantly brightens the eyes. I would recommend this to everyone!

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner - I was going on holidays and wanted a cheap liner to take with me so I picked up this one and have really liked it. The colour is definitely a true black and it has a really nice creamy texture which applies smoothly. Long lasting too. I own both Mac and Bobbi Brown gel liners and I think this one is up there, especially when you consider it's a drugstore product.

Swatches! Left to right: Revlon Pink Pout, Mac Well Dressed, Mac Nylon, Maybelline Gel Liner 

And that's it. What has been on your love list this month? 



  1. I LOVE Pink Pout, I haven't used it for a while but I think I'll have to get it back out for the summer!

    Ellie x

  2. i absolutely loveee dream cream!

  3. I've always wanted well dressed...definitely the cutest blush.

  4. I bought Maybelline's gel liner too but I like my fluidline more because it fades less quicker

    Pink Pout looks like a nice colour. Have you done a swatch of it before? xx

  5. Lovely favourites and happy birthday to your mum. I love the look of Pink Pout and Well Dressed, such pretty pinks. xx

  6. The MAC blush and the Revlon lipstick look gorgeous!

  7. the colour of your revlon lipstick is great!
    super cute.


  8. I love Pink Pout but be careful with it cos the bullet in mine broke away from the tube :(

  9. I shall get the Revlon Pink Pout Lipstick soon. :)


    stay pretty!

    i'm your new follower. :)

  10. i've heard so much about pink pout, i need to pick it up soon!

  11. I loveeee Well Dressed, such a lovely cool-toned pink! I was tempted to try the Maybelline liner but thought it might be dry compared to higher-end gel liners. Will def. be checking it out now! :}


  12. Pink Pout is my favourite Revlon lipstick but I lost mine! Good choices :) x

  13. lovely favorites! In my opinion, Pink Pout is the best drugstore matte lipstick :) so prettty! I've wanted to try well dressed because I hear so much about it, but I think it might be too light for my skin tone!

    p.s.- thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  14. @Ellie - It really is a perfect summer pink :)

    @Tat - I don't know how i lived without it!

    @Crosswire Dreams - Go for it, it's definitely one of my most used blushes

    @Tass - Yeah that would be my biggest gripe. I don't think I have, not sure why as it is one of my most loved lippies!

    @Joy - Thankyou :)

    @Gaby & Ivy - If you haven't tried Pink Pout you totally should ;)

    @Dee - Thanks for the tip! Knowing me I probably would have broken it so I'll be extra careful now :)

    @makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! - Do it, it's a great colour and thank you :)

    @Caitlin - Give into the temptation,you know you need it :P

    @Charlotte - The liner has been great, although I haven't owned it for too long but so far mine hasn't dried out yet yay.

    @Lorraine - I agree! Awww that's a shame, it's so pretty.

  15. I LOVE the lipstick colour! It's so pretty! :) It kinda reminds me of MAC's Pink Plaid, but of course I'd have to see them together so compare properly haha! :) The MAC blusher is a gorgeous colour too! My best friend has it, and I always use hers!

    I'm now your newest follower! :)
    Please follow me back:


  16. love dream cream! amazing blog xx

  17. Nylon looks like a lighter version of Gorgeous Gold, thanks for sharing - I might pick it up.:D

    ***** Marie *****