Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Switching to the Dark Side

Happy Tuesday!

After coming very close to purchasing Mac Media lipstick a while ago common sense kicked in at the last minute and I realised that in reality it's not a colour I would wear often and I really should go with a cheaper version instead. This led me to pick up Maxfactor's So Berry. It was pretty much the first dark colour I came across that I liked and happened to be on sale (I took that as a sign!).

Anyway the weather is lousy today (winter is most definitely on its way boo hoo) so I decided to ditch the brights and play around with a dark lip.

So Berry is a really pretty deep berry colour but I am really not used to seeing myself wear such a dark lip, it's such a dramatic change! I actually don't mind it but can't imagine myself wearing it out anytime soon. One reason being that my friend told me I looked scary haha. Maybe in the middle of winter I might pull it out again and have a play.

As I only have dodgey webcam pics of me wearing it here is a swatch. The colour and intensity of this lipstick can definitely be built up which is great. As you can see the swatch is a bit lighter and you can add more of a berry tint to the lips unlike in the pics of me wearing it piled on. If I am ever brave enough to wear it I think I will start out sheer and work my way up!

Plus because I can here is a pic of the rings I am currenlty sporting. The one on the left is from Diva & the right I think I picked up from some market stall.

Be honest, does it scare you or you a fan or the dark side?


  1. I LOVE it! It's hard for me imagine myself in a color so dark and dramatic since I'm a sucker for nudes. I wore Lustering (MAC) yesterday for the sake of Spring. It was so bright and bold but I loved the change.

  2. This is a really gorgeous color, looks amazing on you <3 Dont think i would dare to wear something as dark as this lipstick :D

    Please let me know what you think about my Giveaway idea :)


  3. Loving that color on you! Very edgy, but still very pretty. :]

  4. I love it, I wouldnt be brave enough to wear that myself, but it looks great on you! I just nominated you versatile blogger award :)

  5. i always find that it takes me a while to be able to wear a new lipstick colour out confidently , but honestly that colour looks gorgeous on you !
    mantenso xx
    p.s definately following !

  6. A fan!:D

    It's like Media by M·A·C, looks great on you!:D

    ***** Marie *****