Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Give me a fat lip!

I love luscious lips! I wish I had bigger lips but unfortunately my lips aren't that plump so I will have to settle for the quick fix, lip plumping glosses. I choose the Sally Hansen Lip Inflation extreme mainly because it was inexpensive ($7), claimed to be extreme and I didn't mind having a new clear gloss anyway. 

First of all I love the packaging. The long shiny gold tube is much nicer than other glosses I own. Instead of the slanted sponge it has a brush which I don't mind. This one is just a clear gloss with no colour or shimmer.  It's supposed to be cinnamon flavoured but I thought it smelt like on old cinnamon smell. The scent is reasonably strong. You can smell it on your lips and I didn't find it very pleasant.

The gloss itself is nice, its high shine, not too sticky with decent staying power. When I first applied it it did tingle and almost sting but it was nothing unbearable. Now I wouldn't go as far to say that I have "pale thin lips" but I could do with a little extra help so without further ado here are the before and after snaps.



Honestly I don't think it had a plumping effect on me. I definitely don't think it gave me lips to rival Angelina's! The gloss may make my lips appear slightly bigger because of the shine it adds but as you can see the difference in minscule! Oh well at least I have a new clear gloss which I'm sure will come in handy.

What do you think?


  1. I have never tried plumping lipgloss and dont understand how it works? like irritate ppl lips so their lips will plump LOL??

    By the way, this lip inflation really brings a pretty glossy finish =D

  2. You don't need plumper, your lips are great! However i like the plumping action sometimes because it smoothes the lips a bit.

  3. You should try the buxom lipglosses, they are really good :)

  4. I remember trying this when it first came out and it basically did the same thing to me.
    Oh well, its definitely high shine!

  5. Ooh, I'm liking this! I thin it'd be a good gloss to use over lipsticks. :]

  6. The gloss looks super pretty on you, and I love your blog!

  7. I think its super adorable :) Which perfume is your favorite? :)

  8. It's def added a lovely shine, I've not tried these before though xx

  9. The package is very tempting to buy you this
    lipgloss o: and yeah I don't have volume lips aswell, but I think your lips are better than mine :P

    I don't see any 'plumpy' effect either. It only left a nice glossy, natural color on your lips.


  10. I think it just gave your lips shine..

    ***** Marie *****