Saturday, October 9, 2010

I want to be a Minx!

I have been lusting over Minx nails for a while now, especially the ones with gold cheetah print, they look so amazing. So I was having a bit if a look on ebay and stumbled across these nail patches by Vivi Nail. They were pretty cheap so I figured I would give them a shot. FYI I got them here.

As you can see they are individual nail shapes which you apply to your nails. Kind of like contact for you fingers! They are not as opaque as I was wanting, as you can see in the above piccy, but I guess that it what to expect for cheap ones on ebay.

The pack came with 20 so you have enough to find the right size for each of your fingers. Once you have found the right size you simply take of the front and back cover and stick it right on. Then you press in into the nail and file off the excess at the tip of the nail. Here is the result;

They look a bit better in real life, my camera just decided not to cooperate.

  • Really easy to apply - took me about 3 minutes 
  • Not having to wait for them to dry! For someone as impatient as me it's so great not having to wait for them to dry
  • Range of colours they come in
  • They lasted longer than I find nail polish lasts on me - probably about a week all up
  • They were cheap
Hates ;
  • One came off within an hour of putting them on & I lost another the day after (later found it stuck on the side of my jeans haha, hope it hadn't been there long)
  •  After about 2 days they started to wear down at the tips as you can see in the picture below shows 
  • The mess - I was left with heaps of little clear plastic covers which I am still finding all over the place

Here is a random snap of me showing off my new ring. I probably didn't need it as I have thing for rings & it was too cute to resist!

These were alright for cheapies and I got a lot of compliments but they have just made me want to want to get some real Minx ones now, I wish I wasn't watching my pennies saving for Thailand! The brand Incoco look like they have a nice range, I will be checking them out too.

Have you tried adhesive nail strips like these?


  1. They look great but it sucks that they came off so quickly. I was going to buy a set at Sephora but then I read a lot of bad reviews about them.

  2. I tried something similar a few weeks back and I couldn't get on with them at all. I think I just need to save the pennies and treat myself to some Minx around Christmas time :D xoxo

  3. amazing! never tried anything like this but they look awesome!
    hope youre okay, long time no speak (my fault entirely!)
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    lots of love

  4. super pretty! I want to look these up on ebay now...I've been wanting minx nails so bad too! Love the ring as well, btw! It's rad!