Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey hey hey

Hey lovely ladies, 

I just finished my final week of university ever! I had my last class ever the other day and now I have three assignments due on Monday so as you can imagine I have bucket loads of work, yuck! I'm so excited about graduating though, let's hope I don't fail any subjects lol.

This is also just a reminder to enter my mini giveaway if you haven't already because you can never have enough nail polish right!? Check it out here.

I''l leave you with this amusing pic I found on my computer



  1. Congrats on finishing uni! I love the LOL cat!

  2. Loving the picture, so cute and funny :)
    Im a part of your giveaway, amazing nail polishes :)

    xoxo Christine

  3. OMG that picture is cute and funny....rainbow ponies :D

    Good luck on the assignments and I am sure you aced it! ;)


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