Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where have you been all my life Tom Ford?

Why, hello Tom Ford’s Lip Colour in True Coral lipstick. This lipstick is spectacular… it’s like happiness in a tiny tube!

Where do I begin?!

The packaging is to die for. A sleek  and simple tube with gold trim. I almost want to pull it out of my bag when I’m out and about just to flash this baby about. It doesn’t get much better than this.  

It took a lot of effort to even begin using the lipstick because I couldn’t bring myself  to touch the TF mark. Sigh. BUT it was most definitely worth it. 

True coral is a vibrant bright red-coral, just like its name! Unlike the more common orangey coral this is most definitely a devilish toned lippie. It instantly warms and brightens my complexion...

Formula-wise, True Coral is highly pigmented which means in just one swipe you can have a gorgeous opaque pop of coral. The texture is beautifully creamy  and the colour is true to tube. And despite the creaminess it does actually have staying power without excessive drying and flaking. It lasts and lasts, seriously. Boom! Apart from eating and drinking this lipstick will stick around which considering what a bright colour it is is a major plus in my book. 

If you want a semi matte, bold, pop of colour and want to splurge, this baby is it! At AU$65 a pop this lipstick is pricey but worth every $. The quality is amazing… great colour payoff, super pigmented & super creamy. So much brilliance in such a small tube!

I’m in lipstick looove <3


  1. This colour really suits you! x

  2. So beautiful, I need one! Looks really pretty on you xx

  3. @Dee - You do :P It's worth every penny & thank you!

  4. This lipstick looks gorgeous and wow the packaging! Not sure I could bring myself to use it if I bought one aha it's too pretty to look at! xx