Thursday, September 15, 2011

First ever Beauty Box!

Happy hump day!

The Beauty box is finally here! For those of us who live in Australia this is a very exciting occurence as the is the ever Beauty Box. After noticing that a few of these beauty sample box concepts starting up I was over the moon and lept at the chance to sign up. After a long few months waiting for it to launch my Beauty Box finally landed on my doorstep to a very  excited (that might be an understatement) recipient on Monday morning!

If you are not famliar with the concept, which I sure most of your beauty lovers are, it's bascially a box of different beauty samples which you recieve in the mail every month for $14.95. Partnering with great brands such as YSL, Shu Uemera, Bobbi Brown & Garnier to name a few, the Beauty Box sounds promising.

I was impressed with Beauty Box from the beginning and was not disappointed when this gorgeous pink box arrived. I am a massive sucker for packaging and pink (if you haven;t noticed from the masses of it on my blog haha)  so as you can imagine this was right up my alley. Inside the pink box was a black box with a pink ribbon and inside wrapped in tissue paper was the goodies. The box also conatined a lovely card with a description of all the products. Overall the packaging gets a huge tick from me, loved it!

So onto the important stuff... what is actually in the box!

The September Beauty Box contained 5 different sample products which were; 

♥  Shu Uemura High Performance Cleasning Oil - Cleanses & gently maintains skin's delicate moisture balance with a combination of botanical oils. Suitable for all skin types. Removes make-up instantly. 

♥  Playboy Play it Spicy Body Spray - The final step in seduction demands an irresistible playboy confidence. Glowy skin, gorgeous hair, feeling spicy? Check, check, check! 

♥  YSL Beauty Sleep - A gentle resurfacing & re texturing concentrate to smooth the skin's micro-texture, plump the skin and reveal the radiance of the complexion in the morning.  

♥  Marc Jacobs Oh! Lola! - Vibrant and playful . Irresistible sophistication. A sparkly fruity floral, with key notes of raspberry, peony & vanilla. 

♥  Sally Hansen Nail File - The ideal filing surface - for nails not too hard, not too soft. Smoothed & shaped nails are essential to a perfect manicure. Designed specifically for medium & normal strength nails. 

So onto my thoughts...

I love Marc Jacobs Oh! Lola! & the cute sample sprays are perfect to throw in my handbag. The cleansing oil is also a winner. However it kind of bugged me that they refer to the YSL Beauty Sleep as a special treat. I feel like it's a bit of  joke as it should have just been included in the box anyway. Without it the box would have been even more of  flop so I don't see why they insist on making out that it is this great treat we are receiving. I think the nail file is handy but I was expecting samples a little less dull and the Playboy fragrance smells nice  although it does take me back to high school when I actually used aerosols!

Overall I am disappointed with the Beauty Box. I'm not sure if my hopes were too high but I felt like it the products in the box weren't that exciting and it needed more oomph especially as they have partnered with such great brands. I also thought that as it was the first box they might have made it bigger and better or maybe it's just me. I mean the products are alright but nothing jumps out. 

I love the concept of the box, I love the packaging of the box & really did want to love it more but I just can't rave about it. Although I'm not over the moon with this particular box I am nore than happy to stay signed up and see what happens over the next few months especially as they have just partnered with Essie.  And anyway who doesn't love packages right?!

What are your thoughts on this box?


  1. I have wanted to try the Shu cleansing oil for such a long time now so that would have been ideal for me... but Playboy body spray? When Batiste appeared in a GlossyBox in the UK everyone was up in arms, so I dread to think what would have happened if this had of shown up. :/


  2. I'm subscribed to the Lust Have It boxes and they are fantastic, I love the products you get in them and this month even came with two Nicole by O.P.I polishes. Worth checking out, I'm not really a fan of playboy anything so I'd probably be a bit disappointed with this, but I do love Marc Jacobs perfumes.

  3. I agree... wasn't too excited either.

  4. @Sarah - I'm excited to try the Cleansing oil! Oh wow, that would have been interesting!

    @Crosswire Dreams - I did have a look at the Lust Have It boxes, I might take another look. OPI is sucking me in xx

    @Angela - Yay, glad someone else feels the same :)