Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Product Rave: Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

Hi there lovely readers, 

I have recently started 2 new jobs so I have busy busy busy and become a bit slack with blogging lately but I am back with a long overdue rave/review. It's for Estee Lauder - Idealist Even Skintone Iluminator and I have been wanting to do this post for ages now because it's amazing!

Estee Lauder claims the product drastically reduces the look of uneven skintone; redness, acne marks, dark spots and discolouration. They describe it as an intensive yet gentle oil-free serum with Triple-Optic technology which instantly illuminates the skin for instant radiance. The serum is comprised of comprehensive, anti-spot ingredient, powerful antioxidants and soothing anti irritants to combat the signs of uneven skin tone making it appear clearer, even-toned and radiant. Sounds pretty good to me!

The illuminator is a light, pale coloured serum which has a delicious citrus scent and comes in lovely simple packaging with a convenient pump pack which is sanitary and means less waste. I have been using this product for about 6 weeks now and I have to say I am impressed. I apply the product both morning and night after cleansing. Once it has sunk it I just apply my usual moisturiser over the top and I'm done.

I am fair skinned and I do have quite of bit of redness in my skin. I found that shortly after using this product my skin tone looked great. It felt smoother, even and healthy as well as appearing brighter and luminous. I do think it also helped fade spots a bit quicker than usual too but luckily for me I have good genes and spots aren't a major concern for me.

The serum itself has a luminescent pearly sheen to it which I really loved as it makes my skin radiant and glowy without the dreaded shimmer. I am not sure if this is a long term effect of using the product rather than the product itself but either way I am happy. My skin is dry so I love the pearly glow of the serum, which I tried to capture in the photos below, but for those with oily skin I'm not sure if this would be the perfect product as it does add extra sheen which you might not want. Having said that I would suggest checking it out and making up your own mind.

I stopped using the product for about the last week to see if I noticed a difference in my skin and I did. My skin didn't look as glowy and fresh and appeared a bit duller so I'm a convert!

The serum has only been officially released in Australia for about 2 weeks now and although it is pricey I would definitely recommend checking it out. I think serums are an important part of any daily skincare routine and this has definitely ticked all my boxes. I think I have discovered my new staple! Next on my list to try is the Night Repair serum.

What are your thoughts on serums? 

Happy hump day!


  1. I have been wanting to try this! I can't wait to get it now after your review.


  2. Hi! Like Estee Lauder too! Have you ever tried their lipsticks? They are so cool as well! Btw, I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! (PS;I been to your country b4, and liked it!) ThanX!

  3. This would be great for the winter, thanks for sharing!:D

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