Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pucker up with Back2Mac!

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

I finally got around to gathering together my empty Mac containers to swap them for some new lipsticks with the Back2Mac program. I'm sure you know what Back2Mac is but just in case you're not it's Mac's recycling program where you return 6 empty Mac containers and in return get a free lippie.

I knew I had a few empties but was surprised and a bit excited when I realised I had exactly 18 which meant 3 new lippies woo hoo! So these are the 3 gorgeous colours I went with. . .

I had my sights on Vegas Volt for ages so this one was a definite. Vegas Volt is a beautiful creamy coral with a tiny hint of pink. Can't wait for summer to pull this one out!

My second choice was going to be Hue but they were sold out so I went with Shy Girl instead which as you can see was a good decision. I have already made my mark on this baby. It's a peachy nude with a really smooth formula. Would be perfect paired with a smokey eye. 

I struggled to choose a 3rd colour because they are all great but decided to go with Girl About Town as I don't really have anything like it in my collection and I'm glad I did. Girl about town is a bright and bold fuchsia pink. I haven't worn this one too much yet but am itching to try it when I have somewhere appropriate to wear it!

Swatch time...
Girl About Town, Vegas Volt and Shy Girl 

What can I say apart from I LOVE Back to MAC! What girl can argue with free lipstick whilst saving the environment?! 
So far I am happy with each and everyone of my new lippies. Expect some FOTDs featuring them soon in the near future.

Enjoy the week, 
Imogen :)


  1. oo I'm yet to send my empties back!! :)
    love your choices x

  2. I got Vegas volt when I backed to Mac, its a gorgeous colour and it was so satisfying getting it for free :-)

  3. Ooooh, I love! I got Chatterbox a few weeks ago with b2m. For whatever reason, I thought it was 5 empties, not 6, but they took it anyway. ;)

  4. love the look of vegas volt!.

  5. Great picks! I love Vegas Volt...definitely one of my all time favourite colours from MAC.

  6. @Lauren Rose- You have to do it. It's so much fun getting freebies, it feel like a birthday!

    @Claire - I think we both made a good decision :)

    @Katie - Haha that's fantastic! Chatterbox looks lovely, I might have to add it to my wishlist.

    @cotton2 - I'll have to post a FOTD soon so you can see it in action!

    @Alicia - I'm glad you love it, makes be even more sure that I'll love it too :)

  7. I really like the look of Vegas Volt I've never heard about it so it seems underrated but the colour is so gorgeous! I do love Girl About Town too the colour is so bright and it'll look lovely on your skin.


  8. Nice picks! I want to try shy girl and vegas volt - they look soooo pretty :D

  9. I really like the look of Girl About Town but I don't know if I would dare to wear it out haha :) x

  10. I have 4 MAC empties atm, just need 2 more! I love Shy Girl and Vegas Volt looks gorgeous :) xx

  11. Lovely choices! I really want Shy Girl, it looks gorgeous! x