Wednesday, July 21, 2010

L'oreal studio secrets primer

I still have not found my camera which is making me very sad :( Some i'm going to have to use some internet from the internet. So i bought the L'oreal studio secrets primer a few weeks ago and i am telling you i am loving it. 

 I have used up my Becca mineral primer and didn't want to fork out heaps for it again so this one was calling my name! I put it on the other morning and my face didn't even get that shiny. Admittedly it is winter here at the moment and my skin does not get anywhere near as oily as it does in summer but it still get quite oily around my nose and t-zone but this stuff worked its magic! It's a marshmallowy fluffy texture which goes on the skin smoothly and didn't hasn't broken me out. My foundation stays put and smooth. I love this stuff!

The downside i found to this primer is the packaging - the jar thing is annoying. Also the small amount of product and being picky the fact that it doesn't have an SPF. 

I think the real test for this primer will be summer, i'll have to remember to give an update in summer.


  1. omgsh thankyou so much for reviewing this, i think you have definately convinced me. This stuff looks awesome!

  2. I have been wondering about this stuff everytime I waltz through the isles of Priceline!!! It sound really great so I think I'm going to give it a go :)

  3. Just wanted to let you know I am having a contest for 6 M.A.C products.

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  5. i have this, its ok. It smooths out the skin and makes a lovely base for foundation but i didnt notice any difference in the staying power of my makeup.

    Thank for becoming a new follower! :) xx