Friday, July 23, 2010

Current ins and outs


♥ Being on holidays - uni goes back next week but at the moment i am enjoying the last week of my break

♥ MAC dainty blush - this is a recet purchase and i am loving it, post to follow when i find my camera

♥ Lucas paw paw ointment - where would i be without this. My lips love it! I will have to dedicate a post to this little beauty

♥ ebay - this one speaks for itself!

♥ Finding fab bargains - I've managed score myself a few bargains lately - i got 2 pairs of shoes one for $11 and one for $24, I also got 2 jackets and jeans all at amazing prices - might have to do a clothes post soon?!


♥ The blogger event - I am soooo excited about the blogger event for Australian beauty bloggers that i have been invited to in Sydney on the weekend.


♥  My crappy hair cut and colour - as you may know from one of my previous posts i got my hair done. I wanted lighter ends and a tiny bit off the ends but it looks nothing like what i asked for. She cut off heaps which had taken me ages to grow and i am going to have to dye it at home tonight. I'm so annoyed - I have zebra stripe hair arhhh

♥  Not being able to find my camera - still haven't found it i really hope it turns up before the weekend so i can take heaps of snaps

♥  The cold weather - I'm over winter.  I don't want to rack up a huge electricity bill to so i'm trying not to use my heater. I have much better things to spend money on - hello makeup! So a blanket for me it is.


  1. at least you've got more ins than outs!
    & I love finding bargains :)

  2. YAyurrr Lucas Paw Paw, must dig mine out as this product seems to have slipped my mind a bit lately! Hello 2nd semester! Hope all is well in Oz...I used to live there...

  3. i jst bought Dainty recently too! :) snap!
    also eBay = awesomeness :)