Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dollymix loving

I had an exam today and was feeling a little glum so i figured what better way to brighten my day my before the exam than with MAC Dollymix.  


Dollymix is the first MAC blush i bought i'm not really sure why as i'm usually more of a peachy girl but Dollymix looked fun. This is a vibrant blush which has a bit of shimmer in it. If you're scared don't be it can be a gorgeous sheer pink or definitely built up for bright pop of colour.

It is super pigmented and as i am quite pale i have to use a light hand otherwise i end up looking like a barbie but then again its name is Dollymix!

Here i am looking looking very bedraggled (it was the end of a long day!) trying to show you the colour. Sorry for the dodgey webcam pic i couldn't find my camera but you get the idea (i hope).

For some reason i don't find myself reaching for it that often, i kind of forget about it, but when i do use it i'm reminded how great it it so i really need to remember it!

Anyway if you have been thinking about Dollymix or are in need a new bright blush i would recommend giving it a shot.



  1. Thanks for sharring!!It looks so cute!!!

  2. I love Dollymix, the MUA I used for my wedding used it on me and I was hooked!

    Ellie <3


  3. going to have to pick this one up! xo

  4. You look really cute :) Very pretty blush color :)

  5. I hope your exam went well, I always buy make up after an exam to cheer me up lol