Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Favs :)

April favs time!

 ♥ Mac cream colour base in virgin isle
I only got this recently but so far have been really liking it. It looks pretty bright in the pan but adds a really nice colour to the cheek which instantly brightens up my face.  Review and swatches for this coming soon.

♥ MAC blot powder
My skin has been so temperamental recently. It has been really oily especially around my t-zone so this has been a lifesaver in  combating the shine. I'm nearly out of this so if anyone has any suggestions for a great powder that fights oil let me know :)

♥ MAC studiofix concealer
As i said my skin has been crazy, not only has it been oily but it has been breaking out like crazy which is really unusual for me. I have been using this so often and it has done a great job of covering everything. 

♥  Sigma 224 brush
I have been using this for applying concealer rather than blending eyeshadow and i am really impressed. I am a convert to this brush for applying concealer, it blends it in really well giving a flawless base.

♥ Revlon eyelash curler 
I've not been wearing a lot of eye make up lately as i have been stuck at home doing uni work but one thing i always do no matter what is curl my lashes. It was only a $5 cheapy but it does the job. I love how curled lashed make me instantly look awake. I really want the gold shu uemera one, if only i had enough money!

♥ Lucas paw paw ointment
This is a miracle worker. I use it on my lips, elbows, cuticles, anything really. It has been especially great for my lips which have not been in great shape lately. I have been using this forever i think this is about my 10th tube.

♥ Hamilton hand cream 
With the weather getting colder my skin, especially my hands, become really dry. This is a great handcream, my doctor recommended it actually. It quite thick but soaks in quickly not leaving my hands all creamy and greasy. If anyone has dry hands or is just looking for a great handcream i would definitely recommend this one

It's getting cold (boo hoo) but luckily my mum bought me these very cozy pink slippers which i'm loving!!

Hope you all had a great April :)


  1. Love favs post!Thanks for sharring!!!

  2. cant wait for ur mac cream colour base review!!

  3. Lucas paw paw ointment is one of my favourites too, it is great stuff. x