Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aspirin mask

I first stumbled across the idea of an aspirin mask ages ago on makeupalley. So many people were raving about how it gives you gorgeous, clear and smooth skin and i have to say it's pretty good! Aspirin is salicyclic acid which is the main ingredient in heaps of face and body products currently on the market. It is an anti inflammatory which is great for breakouts and healing blemishes and red spots. It's  also good at removing blackheads and making pores appear smaller. Overall it gives my skin a great glow.

I do it about once a week sometimes as a mask or sometimes just in the shower as more of an exfoliator. One of the best things is the price. I get the cheapest aspirin and it costs me less than $1 for 24, it's so cheap!

So here is how i do it. Firstly i get the cheapest aspirin i can find. Make sure its uncoated aspirin as if they are coated it will takes ages to dissolve  

I ususally use about 3 or 4 for my entire face, but you can use as many a you like really

I break them along the groove just because i find they dissolve much quicker which is good as i'm impatient (my mum calls me 'im' and she always jokes around that she should have given me the middle name patient so then she could call me im patient, haha)


I then cup them in my hand as i find it easier and less messy than using a bowl or container. I then add a few drops of warm water and mix them around so it dissolves. It only takes a few seconds and becomes a grainy sort of texture. I then mix in some of my facial cleanser but i have read a lot of other ways to do it on MUA. Some people suggest honey, aloe vera or yogurt. I am yet to experiment but i'll get around to it sooner or later


I apply it to my whole face and leave it for about 10 minutes or if i use it in the shower i just rub it all over my face like i would an exfoliator then simply rinse off and just like that i have clearer, cleaner and smoother skin. My verdict is that this stuff is brilliant!

If you have already tried it or are going to let me know what you think


  1. Oh, I read about this somewhere too! You can also use aspirin as a toner, by mixing it with distilled witch hazel. So I bought the distilled witch hazel and not the aspirin. Oh well, half way there!

  2. Ohh i have never heard of that one but it sounds good. I actually have a bottle of witch hazel so i am so going to try that!!

  3. I use this when I have spots and find it really helps them to dry up more quickly. And its fab that it is so cheap! x

  4. Thanks for step by step instruction. I wanted to try but never did until now as I wasn't sure. x