Sunday, February 27, 2011

Step by step NOTD

Hello lovely readers, 

This post was completely inspired by the gorgeous Saskia the Style Fairy. She did a post the other day showing her nails she got done at WAH Nails and I fell in love. I can't get enough of WAH Nails so thought I would give it a go at trying to recreate her fantastic nails. 

It's just a black matte nail with glossy black dots. It's not a brilliant job but i had fun doing it! 

If you're interested in how I did my (somewhat shonky) version keep reading...

All i used was a black nail polish, a matte top coat and a black nail art pen

I started off by applying the plain black polish. 

After that dried I applied one coat of the Rimmel Matte finish top coat. This is a new purchase and the first time I used it. It's pretty cool. Easy to apply and dried really quickly. Going to have fun with this product, especially in winter!

I then used my black nail art pen to draw on small dots. Alternatively you could use a clear top coat or polish (which would probably be easier) but I didn't have a paint brush to paint on small enough even dots so I just used the pen. 

Wait for it to dry and that is it. Super easy and pretty nice if you ask me :)



  1. Great tutorial, I might have to give that a go sometime :) Your nails look super cute! xx

  2. omg that is such a great idea!!!

    nice blog :-)

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  3. oooh i love these!

  4. Wow that really does look amazing!! We want those nails ASAP! ;)

    T & J


  5. This is a brilliant idea! P.S. I just started following your blog :)

  6. Subtle and cool.:D I like!

    ***** Marie *****

  7. That is absolutely adorable! I have neither a matte nor a glossy black but I may have to get them just to try this out, it looks so chic!

  8. this is sooooo pretty! thanks for the tutorial! :)