Friday, February 25, 2011

Current LOVES

This could almost be a February favourites but I'm too impatient so here are my current favs :)

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder; 
I purchased this stuff before I went to Thailand as I knew I wouldn't want to be packing on the liquid foundation but would want some coverage at times. I also bought it because it has SPF15+ and I ADORE it! It has pretty much become my staple foundation since I got back and I don't know how I lived without it. As it's been summer I haven't really been bothered with putting on much makeup so this stuff is brilliant to quickly apply for a bit of coverage. It applies easily, is not cakey and provides a nice natural finish. Will definitely repurchase this when mine runs out!

Batiste dry shampoo in Blush; 
Total life-saver. I have been so lazy with washing my hair lately so this stuff has been majorly helpful in streeeeeching my washes out. I recently lightened my hair and I feel I can get away with using it a bit more now as it doesn't make my hair look to dull like it can with darker hair colours.

Revlon Photoready Foundation;
I finally jumped in the photoready bandwagon and I'm liking it. I like that it's not to dewy but it's not too matte. Full review to come..

Maxfactor false lash effect mascara;
Bought this stuff a while ago after seeing Pixi2woo talk about. Great mascara! It doesn't clump and gives great volume, nice curl and a bit of length, not sure about the false lase effect though :) I thought i lost it and was so disappointed but found it and have been using it everyday since. I did find when I first used the mascara it was quite wet so i would have to wait ages for it to dry so it didn't smudge but now i've had it a little while I find it's a much better consistency.

Benefit Speed brow;
My eyebrows are pretty bad at the moment and I haven't got around to getting them done again so this stuff is great at keeping them tame until I make it back to the Benefit brow bar for them to work their magic. It doesn't add much colour at all but as I dyed my hair blonde recently it works really well for me at the moment.

Becca Beach tint in Peach;
This is my new best friend. I absolutely love Becca products and finally got around to buying this.  You only need a pinsized amount and it provides a gorgeous healthy glow. I'm a sucker for anything peachy or corally so this is totally up my alley. The finish is great too; not too dewy and seems to stay put most of the day. It is ridiculously overpriced for a teeny tube but i do like it and it's especially perfect for this time of year.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. the blush dry shampoo has such a lovely scent.
    I love the false lash and the photoready too, good choice of favs xx

  2. I love Photoready too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Ahh I always have a can of Batiste ready to blast my greasy roots! Its def. a life-saver ^_^
    Also agree with you about the False Lash Effect, I always end up waiting like 2 weeks until I use it and then its the perfect consistency :D

  4. completley agree about the dry shampoo and mascara, always in my makeup bag!

    lovely blog, i'm now following, would be wicked if you could do the same :-) x x