Thursday, June 10, 2010

Natural Brows

My eyebrows look absolutely shocking at the moment. I had the brilliant idea of trying to start over with them. My aim is to get them threaded. I just wasn't happy with the shape and how they sat - those things just can't stay in place! So in the name of beauty i have been growing them out.

I have since realised that i can't find anyone who does eyebrow threading where i live so will have to hunt someone down elsewhere. The only downside is that I'm currently in the middle of study week for my exams (hence the lazy posts) so won't be able to get them done for a while which means i am stuck with less than fabulous brows. I am trying to convince myself that natural brows can look fantastic, unfortunately these are not what mine look like!

Anyway here are some photos of some natural brows (Oh if only this is what i was channeling...)

 Armand Basi one


(Snaps from google images) 

Knowing me i will probably be lazy and cave and not get them threaded but here's hoping. 

Has anyone got their eyebrows threaded before? If so what are your thoughts? 


  1. My eyebrows are so bright that you almost cannot see them. I need to apply eyebrow make-up every day - with a good template of course!!! :D

    I envy if girls have naturally full eyebrows ...

  2. Ah I want the first girls eyebrows! Good luck on growing yours out, I've been on the same little mission for a while now haha

  3. I've never had my eyebrows threaded but I love natural looking brows! It's so hard to grow them out, but you can do it! Good luck in your exams :)