Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh it's love!

A little package arrived on my doorstep last week and inside of it was Pearl cream colour base!

This is my first cream highlighter and after reading reviews i knew i had to get it. I have used it everyday since it arrived and i absolutely love it. It's the perfect highlighter and really brings out the glow in my skin. 

It's a beautiful gold toned highlighter which is perfect for my pale complexion. In the pan it reminds me a bit of NARS albatross but it is not quite as golden. I guess you could say Pearl has more of a pearly undertone (it figures!)

Albatross on the left and Pearl on the right. Excuse my very beaten up Albatross!

What i love about Pearl is the creamy texture. It blends in beautifully, looks good under or over foundation and really gives you that natural glow. It's gorgeous. It's like a less shiny version of MAC By Candlelight MSF which i found made my skin look shiny instead of glowy like i wanted. 

 Albatross on the top and Pearl on the bottom

If you're fair to medium skin toned, you'll love this as a beautiful gold toned highlighter. What more can i say apart from move over Albatross!

Anyone else a cream highlighter fan?


  1. I've never used a cream highlighter but always wanted to! I think it's because I've always used mineral powder foundation. I have wanted pearl for a while, and you've pretty much pushed me over the edge to buy it :) I own albatross so I appreciate the comparison! Great review :)

  2. It looks so beautiful!And I wanted to find a good highlighter!!Thanks for the swatches!!I'm going to try this!!!

  3. I reallllly need a good highlighter. I was considering getting Benefit's high beam, but I think i'll be getting MAC pearl instead since it's much cheaper :)

  4. @ellamarie84 - I was the same too and wanted it for ages before i got it, wish i hadn't put if off so long!

    @Marie - definitely do it

    @Caitlin - I was tossing up with Benefit's high beam too! I went with Pearl because i liked the texture and of course the price. I definitely recommend it :)

  5. I have Pearl too! good choice! I think it's a great highlitghter!