Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bad gal!

I know everyone and their Grandma has heard about Benefit Bad gal lash mascara but i thought i would add my two cents worth. 

I really like this mascara. It adds great volume and length and the black colour is great. The brush is huge and coats and separates my lashes really nicely. One of the main things i like about this mascara is that it is one of the only mascaras i have used which never clumps which is a massive plus.

I use it as my everyday mascara. I like the look it gives for the daytime however if it's masses of volume you're after i think there are better mascaras out there. It reminds me of Diorshow with the big brush and all, i think i like Diorshow a tad better though. I think Diorshow adds more volume.

The only downside to this mascara is that i find it smudges a bit throughout the day but overall it's a good product. I really like this mascara but i probably wouldn't buy this mascara again straight away simply because there are so many others that i want to try first!

I'm longing for lash extensions at the moment, why do they have to be so expensive!?


  1. I really really love this mascara- such a shame about the price tag! xo

  2. I've heard such great things abbout this mascara, but drugstore mascaras always work well for me when I use a combination of about 3 lol.

    PS: I read the comment that you left on my latest blog post, have you tried Seche Vite top coat? It's a quick drying topcoat that you apply to wet nail polish and you're good to go in less than 10 minutes :)

  3. Gosh yes!!! I love benefit!!! It's def. worth every penny!!!

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  5. I always want to try higher end mascaras but can never justify it because mascara is about the only thing that I know I can get at the drugstore without it sucking haha... but bad gal and YSL faux cils tempt me!!

  6. I really want to try this mascara. We sell it at work and I keep eyeing it up but never buying it. Think I might just have to bite the bullet and buy it next time I'm in! x

  7. theres a singer named imogen too. imogen heap. =D anyways i have never sen this mascara before. it must be good.


  8. @Fern - yeah i know what you mean it's hard to justify sometimes!

    @Caitlin - Thanks, i have heard so much about it sounds perfect. I have been on the hunt for it in Australia & found a site i can buy if from the other day, hooray!

    @Susi - Me too :)

    @Ariel - i know what you mean YSL faux cils is tempting me too, so much hype!

    @Kelly - I think you should do it :P

    @Nancy - yay imogen heap, i like some of her stuff too