Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gold Glitter Nail

Hi gorgeous girls,

I am currently battling a nasty cold so to cheer myself up and make myself feel a bit less blergh I painted my nails in gold glitter. They are delightfully tacky but have added some much needed sparkle to my day!

To get this result I applied 1 coat of Ulta3's Antique Copper polish followed by 3 coats of Ulta3's Gold Digger polish (bonus points for the name!)

I am not normally one for having all my nails covered in glitter polish but was up for a bit of fun and actually really liked it plus I got loads of compliments, yay. Are you a glitter polish fan?

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday 


  1. gorgeous, every girl needs a bit of glitter in their lives lol :-)

  2. I love glitter polish, this one looks great. I love the ulta polishes they are so cheap but great! xx

  3. ITA with Claire. Glitter is essential. Cute nails!

  4. Ulta polishes are so great because of their cheap prices you can buy so many shades :)

    Your nails look gorgeous in those photos, I bet they'd look even better in real life when the glitter continuously catches the light!

  5. Which girl doesnt want to have gold glitter nails done? its really awesome*
    I thought it was done by those nail strips, but didnt expect that nail polishes could have this effect =D!

  6. I love it! I like glitter polishes too..the only thing I dislike is the removal process :)

  7. @Claire - I definitely agree! :)

    @Crosswire Dreams - I love Ulta3 too, they are such great quality & I don't feel guilty about buying heaps because they are such a bargain

    @JC! - Thanks :)

    @Jaydi - I love Ulta3 too! Thank you :)

    @Liz W- They look pretty much the same as some silver glitter nail strips I've used before except I'm not looking forward to taking it off!

    @Ellemarie84 - That's the bit i'm really not looking forward too! I might have to dig out the foil and try that technique.