Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NOTD: Jizz

Hi everyone,

I have finally moved to Melbourne so everything is very chaotic at the moment so here is a quick NOTD. 

I had wanted this polish for sooo long so was ecstatic when I finally got my hands on it! It's BeachBlack's Jizz! (Haha at the name)

Excuse the bad application :)
For some reason it looks quite dull and greyish here. My camera had a hard time at capturing white pearly sheen it has but in real life it's fab. Trust me! I actually quite like how this polish looks and it goes with nearly everything, will definitely be digging this one out again.

Also I will be picking winners for my itsy bitsy giveaway over the next few days so keep your eyes wide open for that. Thanks for bearing with me.


Much love,  
Imogen xx



  1. Lovely color! Hope everything gets back to normal soon ;)

  2. I love the colour, had to lol at the name ;) D x

  3. How are they selling any of this with a name like that?? The things we do for fashion :)

  4. What a beautiful neutral polish, thanks for the pictures.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. love this color. hope everything is goign well with the move. thanks love. check out my pick for fabulous friday and find out who landed on the fash fave and fash fail list of the week. would love the support. xoxo
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