Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Orange Crush

Hey everyone, 

I'm loving orange at the moment! I think it's really great for the hot weather. I'm not sure if orange suits me as much as other colours but I love it anyway! Some days I like to steer clear of pink and orange is a perfect substitute.

So here of some or the orangey toned  products I am loving. Some of them are probably more coral toned but for the purpose of this post i'm considering the to be orange :p

Benefit's Sugarbomb, Ulta3 polish in watermelon, Revlon lipstick in 24K orange, OCC lip tar in cha cha, Revlon polish in tropical temptation, Mac peached blush, Mac virgin isle cream colour base, Innoxa lipstick in rockmelon

Occ lip tar in cha cha, Revlon lipstick in 24k orange, Innoxa lipstick in rockmelon, Benefit's sugarbomb (just the orange section), Mac virgin isle cream colour base, Mac peaches blush
Without a doubt my favourite product here is Mac peaches blush, after a long search it was one of the first Mac blushes I ever bought and absolutely love the pop colour it adds. 

I'm thinking I might have to invest to Mac Morange lipstick - now that's an orange lippie!

Are you an orange fan?


  1. I loved this post - I LOVE orange!!! I have a lovely illamasqua lipstick you should have a peek at too called perilous - though morange is a bit more 'juicy' ha!xxx

  2. I love orange too. I really want to try that Virgin Isle cream colour base. I have morange and I love it. I would definitely check it out.